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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has gained enormous popularity in the past few years.  Many patients have turned to the over-the-counter tooth-whitening products for a brighter and whiter smile.  These products, however, have their pitfalls,  The active ingredient for most of these products is peroxide; in its ionic form it is an oxidant. Excessive exposure to oxidant can be problematic for gum tissue and teeth.  Whenever our patients choose an over-the-counter product or a system that we offer in our office, we encourage them to consult with our dentists and hygienists to help them select the best option.

Fillings for Cavities 

Fillings make up the majority of treatments that our dentists provide. Although we have a number of options for filling materials such as amalgam, gold or porcelain inlays, we find that bonded composite resins (white fillings) to be the most cost-effective and practical. The choices will be made after consultation with our patients.

Our Services

Making Teeth Straight

Crooked teeth can be straightened in several ways.  Braces (fixed orthodontics) is most commonly known because the treatment is visible. There are, however, other ways to move teeth.  "Invisible orthodontics" such as braces bonded behind the teeth and Invisalign are becoming more popular especially among adult patients.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Mauricio Berco will be able to help you make the right choice if you require this treatment.

Check-up and Teeth Cleaning

Although most people call a dental examination a check-up, dentists and hygienists look at more than just your teeth. In addition to checking for cavities, we look for abnormalities in other oral tissues, such as your lip, tongue, palate, gums and throat.  We want to be proactive to remove any disease process before they become a big problem.

Dollar-a-Day Preventive Program

For the Retired, Students, and the Self-employed

Patients that are not covered by any dental insurance should call us and find out about this program which is designed to provide affordable preventative and restorative dental services.

Cosmetic Improvement

Aside from teeth-whitening, there are many ways to enhance the smile.  White fillings, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, replacement of missing teeth with implants, and bridges are treatments that we offer in our office. We will help you find a solution with best aesthetics and functionality.

Protective Guards for Teeth-grinding

Teeth-grinding, especially in your sleep, can lead to a number of problems with your teeth, jaw joints, and the muscles in your head and neck. If your teeth are gradually becoming more sensitive over the years, or your jaw joint "cracks", or the muscles of your head and neck feel tense after you sleep,  you may need a night-guard to protect your teeth and reduce these symptoms.

Toothache and Dental Emergencies

It is our policy to see our patients in pain before the end of our next working day.  We will make our best effort to alleviate the immediate discomfort, and seek a long-term solution at a later appointment. If it is a problem that we cannot resolve in our office, we will assist the patient to find an earliest referral to a specialist.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is detrimental to the appearance of your smile and may change your facial profile. It can affect your digestive system and the health of remaining teeth.  

Options for replacing missing teeth include removable dentures, bridges, and implant supported crowns or bridges. They all have their strengths and limitations.  We will discuss each of the options and will assist you in navigating the process of insurance coverage.